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Project Description
The SP2010 Managed Metadata Migrator allows the export of a metadata service configuration from a source SP2010 farm, then re-import into a target SP2010 farm with options to re-associate your content type definitions with the defined term sets. Developed in C#

How it works
Currently, the code only includes the Export side of the coin but will soon be enhanced with complete SharePoint Solution which pulls in the export file - it's already written, just I want to tidy it up before exposing it to the world :) You know - like having a wash before you go to the pub...

It works as part of a FeatureActivated method in an event receiver on a content type defintion. The execution flow being;
  • Content Types (defined as per the source configuration) are deployed
  • The Import XML file generated from the import step (being deployed with the feature) is used to re-create the entire Term Store Group
  • A binding method runs to then bind the terms with the related content types

That's it - a full export / import of managed metadata defintions with associated content types.

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Let me know how you get on !!

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